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January is over and February is here…one month down already for 2012.  How is your year shaping up so far?  I hope that you are making every effort to spend more time with God this year.  Individual growth is the key to growth of the congregation.  Think about this….when one is totally committed to the cause they are serving, they will do everything within their power to get others onboard.  So….if we are totally committed or on fire for the church and the works of the church, better are the chances of us getting others onboard….hence from individual growth we have church growth.  Again, I encourage you to continue to spend time with God every chance you get.

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i am currently learning how to work on all of this stuff, so endure with me as i learn.  i have a couple of pages.  One will hopefully be for pictures and the other will be for events.  so explore the site, leave some comments and hopefully over the next couple of weeks this will expand into a great place.  J-rod

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