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People Talking To People


 Evangelism University this past weekend was…well words fail to come to me to describe accurately how great it was.  “Chosen” was the theme for the weekend…and to sum that thought up, you as a Christian have been chosen by God to spread His word.  Here is something I want you to think about…How did people come to know God, Christ, the gospel, and to become Christians? People came to know these things by “people talking to people”.  That’s right…people become Christians because of people talking to people. God has chosen you (a people) to go and talk  to people you know.  Evangelism is that simple!  You know and understand the love of God, you know and understand the love of Christ, and you know and understand what it means to live as a Christian…and evangelism is that simple…talking to people about those very simple and basic things. Another thought from the weekend was this “you live where you live, you work where you work, you attend school where you attend school…to impact and influence those people where you are”.  Think of it this way, you see and talk to people every day that others do not see and talk to.  For example…the job, classroom, ball team, family activity, that you affiliated with is different than someone’s else’s.  It is you who can impact that circle of people.  Now the question is…are you “people” talking to people impacting the circle of people that you are affiliated with?



have you ever watched someone walk on a sidewalk that had ice on it?  It is hilarious, people invent all kinds of new ways to walk with out falling down, some walk stiff legged, others waddle like a duck, and others walk R..E..A..L..L…Y… S…L..O..W…no matter how they walk the idea is to keep from falling down.  Ice is the enemy, it is slippery, sometimes it is invisible, and it always hurts when you hit it.  Sound familiar?  Satan is the enemy….his has a way of being able to slip into your life, sometimes it as if he is invisible, and the BOOOOOOM, you hit him like a ton of breaks, and the pain he causes hurts really bad.  As christians we have to be cautious how we walk around sin and satan.  we might have to walk stiffed legged or even duck walk, and we might not look the coolest or be the most popular person for walking that way, but the point is….we walked away from sin and satan. 1 Thessalonians 5:22 says “Abstain from every from of evil”, we need to do everything within our power to very thing….stay away from satan and sin.

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