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Thoughts Concerning Technology and the Church

2012-iphone5-1Do you ever wonder how people in the church may have felt when the first printed bible or the first song books were beginning to be used for worship? What about the first church building to have electricity, air conditioning, or indoor toilets? We take all these thing for granted because we’ve always had them; but when times change, and new technology is introduced we have to consider how it can affect our lives and our worship to God. While we have become accustomed to having so much at our fingertips; there is great concern about how we use these tools to glorify God. Now that so many of us use a smart phone or tablet to follow along in our Bible App; it is easy to become distracted. If a txt, tweet, or a like on our Facebook status comes in, we take our eyes, and mind off of worship in order to respond, retweet, or like a like of something liked 500 times. The point is this: when we do these things, we remove ourselves from our worship to God; and even if its only for a few seconds, once you check out its hard to get back in. These devices are great tools that can be used to help us in our endeavor to glorify God; but by the same token, they are great tools for Satan to use to keep us from being wholly plugged in to Gods Word. When you enter into a period of study or worship to God; put your devise in DO NOT DISTURB mode! Don’t accept any notifications, txt, play games, or look up the newest dance on YouTube. But, I guess, if you feel that it just cannot wait; you might as well go ahead, because your NOT worshipping God anyway! Think about your actions and the consequences that they could lead to. Give God the consideration that he not only deserves, but demands. Our God is a jealous God(Exodus 34:14),and whoa to him who puts Facebook first!

Josh W.

CYC 2014

Well, we’re back from CYC ’13. What an uplifting weekend! I hope everyone who went has been spiritually energized and ready to go out and stand upright for Christ. Plans are already being made for CYC 14, and one discussion has been about the session the we attend. Some have shown interest in attending the late session vs. the early session. What Say Ye? Here is your chance to have a voice. This poll will be open for a week.

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