Glorifying God through our young people


Wouldn’t it be nice to be sitting on the beach some where enjoying the breeze and watching the sun set.  The colors in the sky would be amazing to see, and the sound of the waves would almost put you sleep.  As you sit there watching the sunset you begin to watch the waves roll onto the sand.  Have you ever thought about waves?  They are constant…..they never stop.  At times they are massive as they crash onto the sand, then there are times they are so small as if they are hardly moving, but the waves never cease to come upon the beach.  Another thing about the waves is that they change everytime they hit the sand.  They are never the same. Pretty neat when you really sit down and notice the waves.  We as people are a lot like waves.  Things in our life at times seem big or small just like those waves.  And, as life goes things change day to day, week to week, year to year.  We are changing with things that life throws at us.  Here is what i want you to think about….not matter how big or little the waves life are, and no matter how things might change there is one thing that is always there.  The beach, the sand, it is always there ready to take on the crashing of a huge wave or the rippling of a small wave.  God is always there in our life.  He never goes away.  He is there ready to take on our big waves of life or the rippling in our life, and the constant changes in our life, but he is always there ready and waiting for us to come to Him.  Make sure you take time today and everyday to spend with Him.

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