Glorifying God through our young people

Happy New Year

        It’s 2014!!!  So…do you have big plans for this year?  If you think about it, 2014 will bring all kinds of things for you.  Some of you will graduate this year while others will begin their Senior year and some of you will leave Middle School and begin High School.  You will go places you have never been and see things you have never seen.  Some of you will start college this year while others of you will graduate college.  Some of you will fall in love with someone and some of you will even get married.  2014…it is going to bring some pretty cool things for you this year.  During all these experiences, don’t forget the one person who has made all this possible…God.  Make sure He is at the center of everything you do this year.  When you have a triumph; rejoice with Him, when you have a struggle; confide in Him, when you feel blessed; thank Him, when you feel sad; seek His joy.  He is always there and will be there with you through 2014.  Love Him, honor Him, glorify Him, and serve Him.

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