Glorifying God through our young people

Great Moments



The Greatest game ever played.  What is it?  Some would say Golf, others baseball, and still others would football.  To each person there is a great sport and within that sport there is a “Greatest Game ever played”  I watched the movie “miracle” the other day and it is about the USA Mens Hockey team from the 1980 Winter Olympics.  USA was battling against the Soviet team that had not been defeated in quite some time.  Coach Herb Brooks brings together a group of men from all over the USA together to form a team.  They go through some growing pains before they actually begin to work and function as a team.  Before the final game for the gold medal, coach Brooks is in the locker room with the men and gives a speech to them before they head out to play the final game.  Coach Brooks says this ” Great moments are born from great opportunity”.  They Men’s Winter Olympic team of 1980 won the gold medal that year and pulled off something many people thought would never happen and quite possibly was the greatest game ever played.  As Christians we are to honor and glorify God with our lives.  He has given us the great opportunity for us to go and tell others about Him.  So my question to you is this….Are you making great moments taken from the great opportunities that are given to you.  There is no greater moment in life than one comes up out of the water from a baptism.  That Moment came about because of a great opportunity.  Be a part of the greatest life ever lived and enjoy some of the greatest moments in life to ever be.

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